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Hi there! I’m Catherine!

I am a photographer, an adventurer, and a vagabond mama. My life here in the Pacific Northwest involves lots of time spent with my family; which is made up of me & my husband Michael, our college-age daughter Madeline, our baby boy Haakan, our weird little dog O’Malley, and our trusty VW van named Priscilla. Of the many things we love doing, these are what you’ll find us doing most: snuggling, walking around & eating our way through town, or spontaneously hitting the road for camping, hiking, and surfing adventures.

I am pretty geeky. I really use the word “love” like, a lot. I know I can sound a bit like Buddy the Elf sometimes, but mostly my favorite things to do are laugh, hug, sing, dance, and eat.

I have been working as a photographer for the past 22 years, and have had my own business (formerly known as CALIMA Portraits) for the last 11 years, and my love of this art is heavily influenced by my dad’s passion for photography & his insistence on always photographing my life and lives of my siblings as they unfolded. He even photographed our births, so our stories each start with the day we were born & continue on with a collection of memories that may not have otherwise been kept. I mainly photograph weddings, families, and boudoir photos, and each for about the same reason: because I love people & their stories, I absolutely love celebrating… and I sincerely love giving people the gift of tangible memories, the same gift that I received from my family.

My favorite subject to photograph is people, and my favorite medium for doing so is with my film cameras. Why film, you ask? I could give you all sorts of answers, both technical & spiritual, but for me the most important reason is that I feel most connected to my work when I’m shooting on film… which in turn means that I’m more connected to you.

My personality very much shows up in my work; in general, I think I would be described as happy, loving, and genuine, and I know that those words also fully describe how I approach my work & how I want the world to see my photography. I am truly fascinated by the stories of where we come from & the stories that we create, and feel so lucky having found my passion in documenting these stories for couples in love, for families in love, and for all people in love.

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