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adrienne & kristen’s wedding photos // seattle, wa

Adrienne & Kristen, stop being so cute!!!

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These two were married right in my little neighborhood of Ballard, in what they described as an unofficial Florida reunion party, where so many of their closest people were coming to visit their new city of Seattle just for their wedding. Similarly to Adrienne & Kristen’s engagement photos, where they wanted to show off their little neighborhood of Queen Anne, the wedding was kept simple by making sure that everything was location-centric… they had their pre-wedding party the night before at Ballard’s famed Golden Gardens, Adrienne got ready at an airbnb rental in Ballard, Kristen got ready at Hotel Ballard, and then we did photos in the heart of downtown Ballard before heading to the Ballard Botanical Gardens for photos & then making our way to Canal Ballard for their wedding. Seriously, Ballard, Ballard, Ballard. And Ballard. But this was a real treat for me because we had recently moved into our van, and had been spending less & less time in this neighborhood that I love so much, and to celebrate here with two of the raddest east-coasters I know was super special for me.

A huge thanks to Equal & Forever for featuring this wedding on their blog! I know that same-sex marriage has been made legal in all 50 states of this great nation of ours, but I still like to support the people who were creating a place for LGBTQ weddings to have a voice before it was “trending.” And these guys are rad… thank you! On a (kind of) similar note, I just finished listening to this podcast on The Liturgists (episode 20, found here), that happens to be the most open-hearted & poignant conversation that I’ve heard up until this point, regarding the very complicated relationship between the church community & the LGBTQ community… and I hope everyone takes the time to listen to it, no matter which side of the conversation you’re on.

Congratulations, Adrienne & Kristen!!! I love you! #lovewins

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