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Alanna & Jonathan’s Wedding Photos // Pioneer Square // Seattle, WA

“Did you know that life has given love a guarantee
To last through forever and another day…”
-Stevie Wonder


Long overdue, I’m sharing the photos from Alanna & Jonathan’s wedding. Time does nothing but make memories even more sweet for me, so looking at these photos fills me with love unbound. I had my dear friend Joey Early shoot this wedding with me, whose own wedding I had just shot one month prior, and some of his images are my favorite in this whole set; most specifically the one of Alanna walking down Second Avenue on her way to see Jonathan so that they could go get married. The movement in that moment, the perfect shadows, and the way that she is illuminated with something more than just warm sunshine, is the kind of thing that make me geeky and weepy all at once.

To Alanna & Jonathan… congratulations, again and for forever. You two are legends of love, and I will always love having spent this day with you.

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