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brim family photos // san francisco, california

This family, I photographed during my little photography tour through central California last spring, and was surprised to find their home within the hilly urban streets in the heart of San Francisco. Literally tucked away… you can’t see their house from the street, because there is a fence, that opens to a yard, and beyond the yard is there little sunny piece of paradise. The house may seem insignificant to this story, but I realized even upon arriving, that the house is so much a part of the story. In fact, their house is the book that holds their story within.

And within those walls, what I found was a home full of creativity, with paintings and photos lining the walls & windows… and a quiet & calm home, which I absolutely did not expect with three young children. Each child had carved out their own space in this home, but unique spaces that overlapped with each other with much ease. I found myself wanting in on this–the painting, the cooking, the gardening, the fort-building, the storytelling–and realized that I had truly found the sweetest little respite in this big bustling city.

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I found such inspiration from this family, as you can probably tell. Both parents are working medical professionals, with grandparents living just a couple of blocks away… without even trying to, they had created a story that speaks of quiet among the chaos, peace within an urban sprawl, and love inside a tiny, messy pocket of sunshine & fresh air. It reminded that we can all be so lucky in love, just as long as we have each other.

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