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brooke & erica’s wedding // sayulita, mexico

This wedding in particular was something special… Brooke & Erica had been together for twelve years by the time this took place, but this had clearly not decreased their infatuation & passion for each other. There were things throughout the day that made their wedding completely unique, with them surprising their small group of guests with who was going to actually marry them (a longtime friend of theirs stood up after they had recited their personal vows to each other, in order to officially marry them), and with Erica surprising her mom at the reception by coming out dressed in her wedding dress, updated. This was such an emotional day & so intimate… friends from America & Australia came together in Mexico for a celebration that was all love.

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I’m not sure what took me so long to blog all of my weddings from Mexico… I think it’s due in part to procrastination, I’m sure; but also due to me just wanting to hold onto these memories as best as I can. My times in Mexico have always been so incredibly special to me, and even I can’t explain how that country has stolen my heart in such a way. Anyway, I’m now ready to share all of my photos from Mexico, as I’m finally going back this week… and bringing my family with me!!! I am so excited I could scream!

You can see the wedding in its entirety here. Thanks to Jillian Mitchell for having me along at this wedding… I can’t wait to make more rad memories with you this week, chica!

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    michelle graci - Hi I am trying to plan a wedding. Is there any way you can tell me the name of this venue or this hotel I would love to have my guests stay here and have a wedding hereReplyCancel

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