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carolyn & peter’s wedding // sayulita, mexico

Carolyn & Peter. AKA Carolina y Pedro.

I also debated on calling this post Sweet Caroline, because I seriously can’t get her smile out of my head… and you know, the whole “hands touchin’ hands” bit.mexico wedding photographer-1mexico wedding photographer-2mexico wedding photographer-3mexico wedding photographer-4mexico wedding photographer-5mexico wedding photographer-6mexico wedding photographer-7mexico wedding photographer-8mexico wedding photographer-9mexico wedding photographer-10mexico wedding photographer-11mexico wedding photographer-12mexico wedding photographer-13mexico wedding photographer-14mexico wedding photographer-15mexico wedding photographer-19mexico wedding photographer-20mexico wedding photographer-21mexico wedding photographer-22mexico wedding photographer-23mexico wedding photographer-24mexico wedding photographer-25mexico wedding photographer-26mexico wedding photographer-27mexico wedding photographer-28mexico wedding photographer-29mexico wedding photographer-30mexico wedding photographer-31mexico wedding photographer-32mexico wedding photographer-33mexico wedding photographer-34mexico wedding photographer-35mexico wedding photographer-36mexico wedding photographer-37mexico wedding photographer-38mexico wedding photographer-39mexico wedding photographer-40 // destination wedding photographer // copyrightI have a feeling this is a wedding that I will be revisiting again & again, just to get the warm fuzzies. Carolyn & Peter were the first wedding out of four that I’d photographed that same week, but we kept running into each other around Sayulita. I think they’d even extended their stay longer than originally planned, so all during the next week we’d see them, looking perfectly & perpetually in a state of honeymoon. ¡Amor! I haven’t seen them stateside & that’s okay, because I want to continue imagining them all googly-eyed newlyweds on the colorful streets & beaches of Mexico’s Pacific.

Once again, I have to thank Brian from SharkPig for this video… he is one of the most insane & talented people I know, and I can’t imagine life without him… because of this beautiful wedding, he has become one of my best friends, the thought of which makes me just squeal inside! You can check out the other video from this wedding here! Yes, it was such an amazing time that there are TWO videos. I also want to give a major shout out to my chica Jillian Mitchell, who flies me down to Mexico every once in a while to party with her & shoot weddings, simultaneously… I am one lucky friend. I know I often speak of serendipity & love & whatever whatever, but seriously. These two people are in my lives because of pure serendipity, and they both have given me such a new & appreciated perspective on life & art & friendship… I am so thankful for both of you, and often lay around dreaming up our next wedding in Mexico together. Or our next drink together… I’ll take both or either!

The rest of this wedding can be found here, the videos can be found here… and a sweet little feature on 100 Layer Cake can be found here. Enjoy!

Hasta la próxima vez… ¡Viva México!

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