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birthday weekend // abegg adventures on film

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. Chalk it up to Michael being a Leo, or me making up for a life as the fourth ofView full post »

real life stories // abegg adventures on film

Last summer, on some otherwise unexciting day, I realized that I had posted just a million photos and videos to myView full post »

endless summer // abegg adventures on film

SUMMER. This last year I purchased a Pentax K1000, because it was my old camera that I loved so much (I used to shootView full post »

mexico // abegg adventures on film

When Haakan was 15 months old, we took him to Mexico! I was already scheduled to go and photograph a wedding there withView full post »

mama & haakan // abegg adventures on film

For a full eighteen years, I’ve remembered the days of breastfeeding my baby with such fondness… and thenView full post »

haakan’s first birthday // abegg adventures on film

Haakan’s second birthday is in two weeks, so naturally it seemed like the perfect time to finally post photosView full post »

abeggs in autumn // abegg adventures on film

Photographers are notorious for taking personal photos that never see the light of day, and film photographers evenView full post »

the sand dunes // moses lake, washington // abegg adventures on film

I’m going to post these photos from a trip we took over a year ago… because this trip was worthView full post »

uncle jimmy // nashville, tennessee // abegg adventures on film

Uncle Jimmy, folks. I wrote about him a bit in my last post here, but these photos are from a few months later, when myView full post »

uncle jimmy // sacramento, california // abegg adventures on film

Michael has a famous uncle named Uncle Jimmy. And I say “famous,” because every time I post a photo of himView full post »

women’s march // olympia, wa

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” I could use this blog to post about my own political views about the state ofView full post »

haakan goes to california // abegg adventures on film

When Haakan was three months old, we traveled to California so that I see so many of my dear friends and speak at YeahView full post »

haakan playing house // abegg adventures on film

When Haakan was about two months old we were still living in our van, but our friends in Mt. Vernon asked us if we’dView full post »

haakan’s new year // abegg adventures on film

Next week will mark Haakan’s first birthday, so I figured it was about time I started posting some photos of himView full post »

haakan’s first month // abegg adventures on film

Here are some photos of the [literal] dark days of Haakan’s first month on this earth… oh, winter babes!View full post »

haakan’s birth story // abegg adventures // photos by madeline manalo

Haakan is within his sixth month on this earth… which not only means that this blog post is six months in theView full post »

37 years old & 37 weeks pregnant!

photo by Jonathan Canlas Today, I turn 37 years old, and I am 37 weeks pregnant… Happy Birthday To Me! Not in oneView full post »

abegg adventures // kauai, hawaii

This is sort of a follow-up to my last post, even though it’s actually a precursor to it as well. Our dearView full post »

madeline’s senior photos // by jonathan canlas // laie, hawaii

So this is a first! All the photos in this post were not taken by me! But instead by our dear friend Jonathan Canlas,View full post »

happy 18th birthday, madeline!

Today is it. Today is the big day. Today is the day that I’ve been unknowingly waiting for for my whole entireView full post »

madeline & me in nyc // new york city

I’m writing this blog post on the eve of Madeline’s birthday, which traditionally I’ve always used as an occasion toView full post »

2014 year in review // family & wedding photographer

In this post, I am including one photo (sometimes two!) from each photo session I did & each wedding I photographedView full post »

ashley & bucky’s wedding // sayulita, mexico

Actually, the photos that I’m about to share are way less about Ashley & Bucky’s wedding, and way moreView full post »

abegg adventures // olympic peninsula, wa

It’s been a very long time since I last blogged. When I was young all I wanted to be when I grew up was a writerView full post »

photography workshop // seattle, wa

One cold & blustery–I mean freezing cold & blustery–day here in Seattle, a beautiful & talentedView full post »

film is not dead // FIND biz guide

If you love reading my blog, but you are not a photographer (because let’s face it, about 9 out of the 10 of you whoView full post »

a slight shift

Today, I make a slight, slight shift. Today, I move my professional life as I know it from CALIMA Portraits, toView full post »