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celia & lee’s wedding photos // willows lodge // woodinville, washington

I think I met Celia via my wedding planner friend  and extraordinaire Holly-Kate, but I got to actually meet meet Celia when I happened to be visiting New York in the spring… we were texting back and forth and since I was in the city where she lived, it only made sense to meet up. Our schedules aligned but the only place we could meet at the time was in the Upper East Side, and at the moment the only “decent” coffee shop we could find to meet at was the St. Regis (home of the original bloody mary?!), and it was hilariously the fanciest coffee date I’ve ever had!

I quickly found out that there is something purely magnetic about Celia; she is cool enough to rock a pink wedding dress, she is a dancer so she naturally has beautiful form, and she has an old world hollywood charm and beauty about her that makes one feel all starry-eyed around her. These are the things that I initially think of Celia, so you know… super good impression. But then I met her on her actual wedding day, and she was with so many good people. So.Many.Good.People. And it becomes clear that sometimes you have loved ones who are good people because they have you in their lives, and sometimes you are who you are in this life because you have those good people. The perfect balance. That’s what it is like with Celia and Lee.

Of course, speaking of Lee, whom I didn’t meet until their wedding day. He is the ultimate romantic, and one gets a sense of his true colors shining because of Celia and also in spite of her. Admittedly I didn’t get to know Lee as much, since I met with Celia before their actual wedding day at our frivolous coffee date in NYC and also because I was inevitably spent more time with her as she got ready for their wedding, but there’s no denying why they were together on that day, vowing in front of all of their family friends to love each other for forever and always. They shine together, and their light is absolutely contagious.

One of my favorite memories from their wedding was when Lee surprised Celia with a karaoke performance during his best man’s toasts… even now looking through their photos, I think, “My god. Look at them.”


Holly-Kate & Company // Willows Lodge // Winkworth Brooklyn // The Sweetside // Juniper Flowers

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