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coltrane & sarah // family photos // seattle, wa

This is my friend Sarah, and her boy Coltrane. She’s always referring to him as a “tender soul,” and it wasn’t until I actually got to meet him that I knew exactly what she meant; however, it’s immediately apparent where he gets that tender soul.

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Sarah is, quite literally, Mother Earth Reincarnate. She is raising that boy in a world of warm, all-encompassing love, and even at just five months it’s obvious that he is already so thankful for her. We talked about beauty of motherhood, the difficulties of motherhood, the trials of motherhood, the gratification of motherhood… and all the while, he was looking on, as if reassuring her that he knew what was ahead. He knew that he is hers & that she is his, that together they are the Dynamic Duo whose bond will move them through this life, and that she is where all his life lessons will begin. Motherhood looks amazing on you, Sarah my love, and I adore seeing you & Coltrane learning this life together… you tender souls.

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