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duong & jack’s wedding photos // georgetown ballroom // seattle, washington

I have been to more weddings than the average person, and feel #soblessed to have celebrated the union of so many couples at their wedding… many of them beautiful, some fancy, some super chill, and most of them with an insane night of dancing. Well, Duong and Jack’s wedding was all of the above. And then some. And then on steroids. And then add one million times more of a party than any other party.

So yeah! They had that going for them! Holy shit!


The most hilarious thing about working with these two, is that when we met just a few weeks before their wedding,  they had literally zero ideas on what the decor would look like and equally zero expectations. All they cared about was that they were going to be together with their family and friends from all over the world… and that they had secured their favorite club DJ from San Diego to fly up. Priorities, people. But when I arrived at their wedding, I was surprised to find a whole whirlwind of wedding activities happening, complete with color coordinated outfits and flowers galore! It turns out that one of their friends–who mind you, is not a wedding planner but an attorney–took it upon himself to turn into a fairy godmother and make everyone’s wedding dreams come true! It was fabulous, and I loved walking into the venue that day to see a whole slew of gorgeous men and women teaming together to make this wedding happen.

But I will tell you my favorite part of this wedding… is that this was a wedding celebration made up of mostly young people, mostly of the Asian community, and it turns out that Duong & Jack’s was the very first gay wedding that most of them had ever attended. I kept hearing it throughout the day, from the toasts and also from guest coming up to tell me so, and it made everything so real for me. These are people who may or may not have gone through great conflict to be open and proud of who they are today, and who are the direct recipient of the generosity, struggle, love, life, and death of so many who came before them… and together, they got to be whomever the fuck they wanted to be, at what would be the first of a lifetime more of occasions in which being gay and being in love is reason to party your pants off.

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Georgetown Ballroom // Seattle, WA

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