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emily’s senior photos // bremerton, washington

This is Emily. I’ve known her since she was seven years old, when she & her family became our next door neighbors. You know how you wish for neighbors like the ones in the movies? Or at least I know I do… and I totally found it when we moved in next door to this family. Sadly it was only for three short years of our life, but during those years Madeline & Emily were thick as thieves. We may as well have just shared a yard, because they were together so often… and to watch them grow together during those years was so fun.

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Emily is now all grown up! As is Madeline, obviously. But I still long for those days where Emily would come into the house, go straight to Madeline’s bedroom, close the door, and they would immediately start chatting & giggling. Emily was also around when Mads first got O’Malley, and between our two yards, you could hear the three of them playing for hours on end, probably from every room in each of our houses. Admittedly, this time in our life was not the happiest time for me, but having them as neighbors is truly one of my happiest memories.

Congratulations, Emily! You did it! I will forever remember you as the always smiling, sometimes mischievous, but forever up for an adventure little girl… but am so proud to see what a smart, loving, and beautiful woman you have become too. We love you!

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