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finn’s birth story // seattle, wa

This is the story of the day that Finn entered this world…

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I know that it’s kind of a long story, so I am beyond grateful if you made it to this point…

Christine & Shawn asked me to document the birth of their son… and even though I have the honor to photograph the beginning of people’s lives together all the time with weddings, this was the very first time I had photographed the beginning of a family’s life together. Finn’s birth was long-anticipated and didn’t come without struggle & lots of patience… and from my perspective it was highly climactic, completely energizing, and the most beautiful & fascinating event I have ever documented. At the end of the day I was completely wiped clean, and it wasn’t until I received the film back a week later and looked through the images, was I able to even emotionally connect with how intense it was to go through that with them.

I still look through these and am awash with emotion, so forgive me if I was a little too emotionally attached to scale these down to perfectly relay the story.

I have so much love & gratitude for Christine & Shawn for trusting me with the most important day of their new life as a family… I hope this is the first of many moments that I get to share with them, as well as the first of many birth stories that I have the privilege of telling. If you are expecting and are interested in having me there with you as you welcome your child into the world, please email me at

Happy Birthday, Finn!

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