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glynn family photos // seattle, washington

Melissa is a longtime “friend” via the interwebz, so it was amazing walking into her home welcomed with a great big hug and lots of friendly squealing and mutual fan-girling… just the way every family photo session should start! She had made it known from the beginning that she wanted photos of her family, just as they are, in their home. But I will confess that being “just as you are” with somewhat of a stranger in your private space wielding a giant camera can be a pretty daunting task, so after nervously chatting and getting all of our sillies out, I could start to feel the tension ease and could see the magic that plays between the three of them by way of soft window light and love eyes all around.

I was especially aware of Julia. But not of Julia as a subject, because as the daughter of a photographer I know she is an experienced model; rather, I found myself drawn to the loving energy that moved like a force field around the three of them, with Julia as the center. I could see that this man and this woman had once fallen in love, and that they had fallen even more in love when they became “dad and mom” to Julia… within every frame that I produced, the connection between the three of them is palpable, even when they aren’t all three in the frame. I loved the way that they looked at and reached for each other, but never took over the space of the other, but instead added to each other’s space. And I loved that even though “the Glynn is very strong” in Julia, that she and her mom moved the same way, pursed their lips the same way, and turned their head with curiosity in the exact same way. Now that’s an energy that can’t be ignored. That’s love.


Thanks to these three for welcoming me into their home! For all you parents out there, I think you’d really love to check out Melissa’s book-obsessed blog: Julia’s Bookbag… it’s a fun one! And in an additional personal note, many of you know that I have moved to Olympia, WA! I am still in Seattle 2+ days of the week so am very happily taking work there, but am also looking forward to meeting and photographing more families down here in Oly, and hopefully even spreading my wings towards nearby Portland, Oregon… I’d love to photograph you & yours!

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  • August 16, 2016 - 9:35 pm

    Melissa@Julia's Bookbag - Ok I CRIED when I read what you wrote and then I cried again when I read it to my family! I don’t know what I admire more – the way you write about the people you photograph, or the way you photograph them. What an incredible gift you’ve given our family with these pictures. Thank you thank you thank you!ReplyCancel

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