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haakan playing house // abegg adventures on film

When Haakan was about two months old we were still living in our van, but our friends in Mt. Vernon asked us if we’d like to house-sit for them while they went to Kauai for a month… and we said sure! Living in a van is wonderful, but every once in a while it was nice to get a break, especially with such a new baby. The funny thing is that we actually slept in our van on most days, parked right outside their back door so we had our very own deck! But the days were filled with cooking meals that are otherwise kind of difficult in a van, letting Haakan play on his new baby gym that would otherwise take up our whole van, and having friends over for overnighters as if it was our very own place… which was otherwise pretty much impossible while living in a van.

Haakan grew before our very own eyes that month, but when I look at these photos I seriously can’t believe how tiny & squishy he was!


(p.s. a little debut of Remy, who is Haakan’s very first friend!)

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