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haakan’s first month // abegg adventures on film

Here are some photos of the [literal] dark days of Haakan’s first month on this earth… oh, winter babes! Being able to go through this time of life again has been such a gift and a privilege for me, and even though these photos are so dark and they’re mostly of us sleeping or looking very sleepy, this was one of the brightest & most happiest months of my whole entire life. When I see these photos, all I see is light.

Shout out to my whole crew. We are so loved.


I think this may be my last hugely personal post here on my website, as I’ve started to make moves to try and separate my personal posts from the business side of things. If you’re so inclined to follow along, I’ll be planning on posting our family adventures over at And another little update during this time of change is that I’ve also started a separate instagram for my professional work; so you can find my photography at @CatherineAbeggPhotography, and my day-to-day type stuff is still over at @catherineabegg. So much to keep track of, jeez! But thanks for following along… I truly love & appreciate you!

{and in case you’re interested, photos and the story of haakan’s birth can be found here:}

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