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heinroth family photos // seattle, washington

This family! I just posted Kristina & Stan’s wedding photos yesterday, because I knew that I just had to share their first family photos as a followup. Kristina messaged me one day to tell me that she was pregnant, and this was while I was pregnant too! I kind of knew that their family would be growing soon enough, but it’s still a surprise for me to have the pleasure of sharing along with my friends & clients who are also having babies, but now with it being so much more personal to me… I never thought I’d be able to be swapping baby stories of joy & horror with everyone around me, but I’m loving it.

And ever since that first message from Kristina, she & I have had all sorts of late night/early morning conversations about our babes; sometimes out of just needing a friend and sometimes out of pure delirium. Yesterday, as our banter went back & forth over their wedding blog post, she said on my facebook page, “I’m feeding right now, are you?!” I just about peed my pants (I may have peed my pants… who knows!), because I know all too well the kind of isolated existence that we can have, all holed up in our houses of love but still longing for that small window into the outside world that social media provides.

So after months of only seeing each other on our computers, we finally got to reconnect when I did their family photos. It was wonderful walking into their home, and seeing how all the pieces had come together… I was with them as they proudly vowed to love each other for forever, and now I see them with baby, vowing to each other again but this time in an unspoken language over shooshed cries, dirty diapers, sleep deprivation, and just trying to figure this new life out together. Stan still has his really funny sense of humor, and Kristina still has her loving ways that make Stan laugh better than anyone else… and their dogs are still just as loved as they were when they were the only children in the house. And then they have this baby, who brings out the best in both of them, in a way that I imagine they had never seen in each other before.


Stan laughed at the fact that he was wearing his house slippers in one of the photos, and to me, that’s life! A life well lived… where dad’s house slippers become a part of our living memory, along with the way he looked on with love at this beautiful family of his.


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  • May 26, 2016 - 1:07 pm

    Erin - Hi Catherine!

    I am photog and huge fan of your work and (not so secretly) feel like we would totally be friends if we ever met. I live a simple life in an RV in the woods of Topanga Canyon,CA when I’m not roadtrippin in our family Westie with my guy and pup. Anyways, your inspiring and I see that you shoot with a Hasselbald H1 – I am ready to take the leap to medium format and was wondering if you LOVE it. I hear that it has great auto focus (I don’t trust these little eyes with manual). Your the only person I “know” who shoots with one so I thought I’d ask your opinion.

    Thanks for your time!


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