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jack & jarred’s photos // yeah field trip // lake arrowhead, california

I am professional photographer, hear me roar!

But sometimes I see someone that I just have to photograph, and all professionalism goes out the window. It’s times like those that bring me back to my roots, to a time when all I cared about was grabbing people and begging them to let me photograph them. The innocence of living without fear!

So here is Jack and Jarred. It turns out that they are so beautiful and charming that I was definitely not the first to court them, photographically, but luckily I didn’t find that out until later… in the meantime, I snuck them into the woods after several days of secretly (openly) crushing on their love for each other, and grabbed these few frames.

Two boys.
Cold breath.
Covered in snow.
Blanketed by love.


I will take more photos of them again one day, I promise.

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