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james and rachel’s wedding photos // hotel 1000 // seattle, washington

Do I open with the fact that this wedding almost got literally blown away by the dark, rainy winds of october?! Or praise the weather gods that we had exactly two hours of sunshine while we did all the portraits? Either way, if you give me a Seattle wedding in the fall–even if it’s a fancy downtown wedding–you’re sure to give me a wedding bound for adventure, written for the books.

James and Rachel. I know I can’t say that anyone is my favorite, but you know… these two make it up there on the favorites list (how long is that list by now?)! They live in LA, and when we had our official first date in Seattle several months before their wedding, they brought along her whole family! And we were together for over three hours!!! When I told this to Michael or whenever I shared it with any of my wedding industry friends, it sounded like it was the beginning of a long, twisted story; but in fact, it was the introduction to my very favorite thing about James and Rachel… their family, and their very obvious love for their family! So from the very first time we met and up until the last hug we shared as I left them after a long day of adventurous wedding’ing (where again I got to share a meal with her folks, as I was assigned to sitting with them at the reception!), I was swept up into the radiating group hug that is their family. This is what life is all about.


Oh my gosh, HUGE shout out to Meg Prouse, who was my second shooter on this wedding since I was very very pregnant… her images are 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and she is the most wonderful, caring friend and world’s best person to have around at a wedding! And to Michael, who carried all of my bags that whole wedding season and made sure I didn’t topple over from my own maternal lopsidedness.

// Hotel 1000 // Annemarie Juhlian //

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