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megan’s family photos // seattle, wa

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good family story… and especially when it’s a so-called “alternative” family situation, like my own. In college I once wrote a paper on how as a society we need to normalize coming from a blended family, because without knowing it, we are alienating a very large part of our population by making children feel like they are different because their parents aren’t in love, or they only have one parent, or they have multiple sets of parents. I remember that my instructor brought the paper up for a classroom debate, and it was astounding how many of my classmates didn’t want to believe that there is happiness & stability outside of a “traditional” family structure. But that was about 15 years ago, so perhaps things have changed? I guess now I just wonder, what does traditional even mean anymore, and why would it even matter?

But I digress! I was thinking about all of this as I was preparing to blog this session this morning. This is my friend Megan, and her family that consists of her, her son Lenox, her son’s dad Skip, and their cute pup named Doodle. Megan & Skip haven’t been together in many years & they very much live separate lives, but they are very much together when it comes to raising their son Lenox, and their respect for each other as parents is profound. I admire them so much, and was so enamored with their desire to have family photos together with Lenox during this time in their lives.

Love conquers all.

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So I’m sending so much love to this family, who without knowing it help pave the way to a world where the new norm is simply to raise a child with love. And a huge shout out to Lenox, whose had a documentary made about him, and has had quite a year! You can check it out here:



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