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jerry & kamil in love // seattle, wa

What can I say? I’m in love. In love with these two, in love with their story, in love with these images… one coldView full post »

adam & christine’s wedding // sayulita, mexico

There are some things about weddings in Mexico that I will never tire of… the inevitable day of the dead theme, theView full post »

janessa // boudoir // seattle, wa

“Curve: The loveliest distance between two points.” -Mae West This is my dear friend Janessa (with a little debut ofView full post »

cameron & jon’s courthouse wedding // seattle, wa

Cameron & Jon… along with a sister, a friend, a judge, and me. Cameron & Jon called me two days before theirView full post »

thompson family photos // sharingwood, wa

“it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood a neighborly day in this beautywood would you be mine? could you beView full post »

aimee & helen’s wedding // guemes island, wa

Once again, a wedding with two people in love who I immediately fell in love with… it’s easy to do with these two, IView full post »

finn’s birth story // seattle, wa

This is the story of the day that Finn entered this world… I know that it’s kind of a long story, so I am beyondView full post »

garcia family photos // miami, florida

This is Ozzy Garcia… film photographer extraordinaire, mad surfer, family man, and The Heart & Soul of Miami. OzzyView full post »

enjoli in b&w // boudoir // seattle, wa

Black, White, and Beautiful all over. Hot. If you’re into celebrating your body, and living in the here & now…View full post »

meyer family photos // seattle, wa

For those of you who know what a geek I am about NPR & KUOW… then you’ll know how happy I am to share this familyView full post »

danielle & matt’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

I’ve kind of been sitting on this series for awhile—photos of one of my favorite couples this year–because I was tryingView full post »

jennyj in love // san juan island, wa

One day not that long ago (but seemed forever ago), a day that happened to be summer solstice, I was taking a ferry toView full post »

carlyle family photos // seattle, wa

This is Eli’s world. Or this is what Eli’s world looked like until about any minute now, when he & his family willView full post »

della’s first family photos // bremerton, wa

Chris & Emily are the type of people who seem to have it all figured out… they’re fun, silly, creative, and live inView full post »

taura // boudoir // laie, hawaii

“Knocking me out with those American thighs.” -AC/DC This is my girl Taura, who I met in Hawaii & convinced to letView full post »

tek’s birth story // seattle, wa

This is Tek. Named for Element 43, Technetium. And this is Tek’s story… When Tek’s parents asked me to photographView full post »

aimee & helen’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

I’ve done my best to stay away from the trend of the whole “picnic-in-the-park-as-engagement-photos,” but when theView full post »

davidson family photos // seattle, wa

This is a special family session, that mainly stars a cute kid named Jonah. Jonah in Seattle. Talk about FINDView full post »

kimball family photos // olympia, wa

“MY FAMILY IS COOLER THAN YOURS” -bumper sticker, that i made up in my head for this family Sometimes I show up at aView full post »

brooke & erica’s wedding // sayulita, mexico

This wedding in particular was something special… Brooke & Erica had been together for twelve years by the timeView full post »

lyric’s first baby photos // seattle, wa

Lyric. With her sweet & very proud brother Jonah. Life. New life… ain’t it grand? {originally posted at CALIMAView full post »

reiny & joe’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

This is Reiny & Joe. Reiny is kind of my idol, Joe has the name of a comic book superhero, and they live in anView full post »

kaemon’s first family photos // seattle, wa

It’s not very often that I do maternity & newborn photos, but within the last few months I’ve been fortunate to doView full post »

coltrane & sarah // family photos // seattle, wa

This is my friend Sarah, and her boy Coltrane. She’s always referring to him as a “tender soul,” and it wasn’t until IView full post »

isabel & chris in love // boston, ma

These two cuties came down to model for our workshop outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Believe it or not, they have twoView full post »

case family photos // poulsbo, wa

Two things I would love for you to do in conjunction to looking at this post: firstly, please visit thisView full post »

ashley & charlie // kiana lodge wedding // poulsbo, wa

The only way I can describe this wedding is… so much happy!!! I don’t even think that’s grammatically correct! ButView full post »

a slight shift

Today, I make a slight, slight shift. Today, I move my professional life as I know it from CALIMA Portraits, toView full post »