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roman’s birth story // center for birth // seattle, wa

Today is Roman’s first birthday, so I thought it would be perfect to commemorate it with photos from the day he made this world a better place with his very first breaths…


Brit & Nina are such wonderful parents–I always knew they would be–and seeing Nina give birth set the standard for all laboring mothers, including myself. I have never seen someone so in the zone, so zen, and such a fierce mama, as Nina was on this day. I was there for seven hours, and it wasn’t until Roman was born did she even seem to register that I was there… he was born, and within about five minutes she looked over & said hello with a huge smile, and I said, “oh there you are!” I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed: a mother so focused on accommodating her child’s entrance into the world, that everything else just fell away. Amazing.

I have been given the honor of photographing several birth stories, and hope that one day I will continue to do so, but realize now that might not be the easiest with a little one at home. It’s funny how children change everything, even the things that you’re not ready to change or you didn’t think would change. But for now I just feel happy to have shared these memories with so many mothers & partners who gave their everything to birth their children, with each one of them bringing a unique & special light and making a small shift of energy to our ever-changing world… Thank you.

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