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scanlan family photos // tacoma, washington

Chelsea & Jay had me come into their home when their little Owen was only less than a couple of months old. I walked into their house on a fairly dark & dreary pacific northwest day, but inside their home it was warm and just oozing with baby smells (the good kind… you know the kind that makes you think this is the smell that heaven must be made of!) and newfound baby love.

I absolutely loved seeing their transition into parenthood. Jay was still his funny & fun-loving self, with just a bit more protectiveness about him as he was always within touching distance of the both of them with a crooked smile of infatuation on his face. And Chelsea… Chelsea! Chelsea had transformed into this soft, relaxed, loving mother–a real mama!–and she kept saying over and over again, “Isn’t he amazing?!” And he really was! It was all so incredible to see.

I think often on this family session, because I knew them before their baby and I know them now; and it’s amazing to see people somehow become more illuminated versions of their old selves. Not better, or more whole, or whatever other way we often describe how parenting changes people… just, for lack of a better word, just a more illuminated being. Filled so full to their fingertips with love, that it just beams right out of them.


Chelsea & Jay… Owen chose you to be his very own beam of light! Congratulations!

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