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Szwigger Family Photos // Seattle, WA

This morning–very, very, very early in the morning (hello, baby!)–I spent a good amount of time revisiting the photos in my instagram feed from the last two years, and felt completely enamored with my own life, and especially how good the last few years have been to me. It’s amazing to see photos of Madeline from two years ago, when I felt so in love with her & felt such a swelling desire to hold her so close to me as she transitioned into adulthood… and to see those photos and see what my life is now. Still the same love & adoration for her, but now even more so as we’ve all welcomed her little brother into the world, which is a new turn in our lives that is beyond any of our wildest dreams. How is life so strange & so wonderful?

And then I thought of these family photos that I had yet to blog; I thought of them because, thanks to social media, I’ve seen that this family has also just recently added a little baby boy named Oscar into their mix. I remember visiting them in their home for this photo session as we had loads of snuggle time and then headed to their favorite park, and I remember how their daughter Oona took up all the space in their lives, in the best way possible. I could see it in the way they looked at her, talked to her, and talked about her… and I could feel it in the way that everywhere we went felt like the world was smiling. The spaces that they occupied together felt full of energy and light. I love that looking back now, without knowing it, they were building their love for each other in preparation for the little brother that would surely make their lives even more full of love. All of the spaces filled up with love, are now at double capacity with the love that they all now have for Oscar. And I know this firsthand.

But for now, I leave you with photos of just Oona & her adoring parents, in a happy time in their world when it felt like they had all the love that they could possibly handle… and it was just right.

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{just a quick plug that I am heading to California with my family for a couple of weeks of work & play, and then when I return I will be fully back to work… and I’d love to photograph your family, growing together in love! email to schedule your family session!}

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