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thiele family photos // seattle, washington

Gosh, do I love this family! I’ve been photographing them since their youngest was just a little flutter of excitement in his mama’s belly, and now he is a walking, talking toddler! This photo shoot was a funny one because it was one of those gnarly Seattle days where we knew that it was too windy & rainy outside for the photos that we really wanted, so we headed to the studio… and of course for the hour that we were there the sun was beaming, blindingly full of irony.

It also happened that after this photo session, I was welcomed into their home for dinner and then what ended up being a full sleepover! That’s not normal for most of my family sessions, but when you’ve been making your way through this life meeting good people all along the way, sometimes business turns into pleasure and sometimes clients become friends… and that’s what happened with these wonderful people. Anyway, I was very pregnant, and loved being fully embraced by them and their super cozytown couch!

Cheers to the good & wonderful friends out there, and to the many happy occasions that we share!


{this session was taken at my old studio in SoDo; where I no longer rent from, but can easily get access to if you love this look… classic, fun, family photos in a studio but without being too studious! if you’d like to book yours!}

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