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abeggs in autumn // abegg adventures on film

Photographers are notorious for taking personal photos that never see the light of day, and film photographers even more so… and this photographer, takes that level of inane procrastination to a whole other level completely!!! Hello, fall photos from last year, one whole year+ later!

Anyway, still cute / still relevant. Just a few photos that I happened to snap of my little family… some being just frames at the end of a client shoot, or in one instance, seeing a field of sunshine delight and making Michael pull over just so that I could photograph them in it. This is our life.


Hi, 2016! Meet almost 2018! xo!

UPDATE, albeit a very embarrassing one: I realized after posting these, that I also never posted our Halloween photos from last year! Why do I even have a camera on me all the time, oh my god!!! So here are those photos, along with a very sweet visit to the pumpkin patch with Michael’s family… and also, I’ll have you know, that I am actually VERY GOOD at printing photos and giving them to family members and friends, so at least I’ve got that going for me, right?! :)


Okay, thanks for playing!

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