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danielle & matt’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

I’ve kind of been sitting on this series for awhile—photos of one of my favorite couples this year–because I was trying my darndest to get it picked up by a wedding blog. But lo & behold, try as I might, it never got picked up. So as I’m sitting here looking at the photos & trying to figure out why it never got picked up by a wedding blog, it totally hit me… it’s too much fun, that’s why. Danielle & Matt are way too much fun. Which leads me to the conclusion that my couples are way to much fun to fit into the mainstream wedding industry, and guess what y’all?! I am way too fine with that.

Love? Check. Crazy-hair, little scooters, bears & buffalos, short buses & rolling around in the grass while role-playing? Check. Let’s have some fun & get our photos made, folks!

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So the crazy thing about this shoot is that in the meantime, I’ve also long since shot their wedding. Slow as she goes, my friends… but one day I’ll blog that one too. And I promise you it’ll be just as rad as this engagement session, if not more so. I love summer, but boy am I looking forward to the cozy slow of winter… where I will be back to my big bad blogging self again!

Happy Indian Summer!

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