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haakan’s first birthday // abegg adventures on film

Haakan’s second birthday is in two weeks, so naturally it seemed like the perfect time to finally post photos from his first birthday!

Haakan was born at 11:24am on 11/24, just two days before Thanksgiving, so we knew that every few years he will have a Thanksgiving birthday… and sure enough, he did on his very first birthday! We took a roadtrip down to Sacramento with the family, as is our holiday tradition; and even though I knew that we would be celebrating his birthday down there, it wasn’t until the night before Thanksgiving that I had a freak out moment, walked to Target to figure out how to make some sort of holiday/crown, and stayed up way too late crafting a silly little thing out of construction paper, pipe cleaners, and washi tape. Then on Thanksgiving day, on a hope and a prayer [/google search] I found a grocery store that had ready-made birthday cakes, and after our big family feast we celebrated in old Abegg fashion with sparklers on the cake. Having everyone there (especially Great Grandpa Abegg) made that Thanksgiving feel like an even extra special day of thanks, and everyone was in such a celebratory mood, even if Haakan was only slightly impressed.


I’ve not been quiet about it… Haakan being born into our family has been a gift that we are thankful for every single second of the day, and truly a dream come true for us. Maybe it’s the mom brain that has sucked my intellect dry, or maybe it’s just that nothing else can even begin to touch on the all the emotions that I experience almost every single minute of the day (hello!), but I just don’t know what else to say… anything else seems too poetic, because to us, these are literal facts. A gift, and a dream.

Happy Birthday, Haakan! Or as he now says, “HAPPY HAPPY HAACHI!!!”

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