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honor bar // bremerton, WA

I thought I’d blog something a little different, because I’d love to give a shout out to the most wonderful people who have the coolest restaurant in my hometown of Bremerton by far… and because my nursing mama’s brain is on one track for food these days. And because, why not!


Al & Jodi took a little restaurant in a little town and made it great. Both the restaurant & the town. We feel very lucky to call them our friends, and feel twice as lucky that they make such wonderful food! They’ve hosted a surprise celebration for my mom’s birthday with my entire crazy family, and they put together the most beautiful atmosphere for my baby shower… and they even let us park our tiny van home in their lot one night when we were visiting town. For the most part, Michael & don’t miss Bremerton at all; however, it’s good people like Al & Jodi who make us wonder how we could ever choose the big city over such good ol’ hometown hospitality.

We love you guys! Thanks for being you!


Honor Bar // Bremerton, Washington


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