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jim & kendal’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

Sooooo… the funny thing about posting these engagement photos is that at this point, their wedding has already happened. haha! oops!

But, I still really love these photos & love thinking about this day, so it seemed silly not to share them!


Jim & Kendal & I spent a long day together for their engagement photos, but it certainly wasn’t all work… we pretty much ended our day together with margaritas & fish tacos (biggest & yummiest fish tacos EVER!) over on the island. Kendal has been like a little angel ever since the first time we met, always telling hilarious stories & going out of her way to say kind things to me & I imagine to everyone around her. And luckily for me, Jim works at Glazers here in Seattle, so I get to run into him anytime I’m stopping in to buy film or camera gear… which is such a plus-plus for shopping local AND for having rad couples that I just want to keep running into.

Anyway, like I said, their wedding has already happened & long passed, but as they say… “take a picture cuz it lasts longer!” Which in my case, my reluctant blogging has given me the added benefit of being able to revisit the happy faces of so many people I love, long after I’ve been so lucky to photograph their love.

Congrats again, Jim & Kendal! Can’t wait for margaritas round two!

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