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2014 year in review // family & wedding photographer

In this post, I am including one photo (sometimes two!) from each photo session I did & each wedding I photographed in 2014. So this will be a doozy, but I’ve loved reminiscing about all the happy people I’ve hung out with this last year…001-seattle-family-wedding-photographer002-seattle-family-wedding-photographer003-seattle-family-wedding-photographer004-seattle-family-wedding-photographer005-seattle-family-wedding-photographer006-seattle-family-wedding-photographer007-seattle-family-wedding-photographer008-seattle-family-wedding-photographer009-seattle-family-wedding-photographer010-seattle-family-wedding-photographer011-seattle-family-wedding-photographer012-seattle-family-wedding-photographer013-seattle-family-wedding-photographer014-seattle-family-wedding-photographer015-seattle-family-wedding-photographer016-seattle-family-wedding-photographer017-seattle-family-wedding-photographer018-seattle-family-wedding-photographer019-seattle-family-wedding-photographer020-seattle-family-wedding-photographer021-seattle-family-wedding-photographer022-seattle-family-wedding-photographer023-seattle-family-wedding-photographer024-seattle-family-wedding-photographer025-seattle-family-wedding-photographer026-seattle-family-wedding-photographer027-seattle-family-wedding-photographer028-seattle-family-wedding-photographer029-seattle-family-wedding-photographer030-seattle-family-wedding-photographer031-seattle-family-wedding-photographer032-seattle-family-wedding-photographer033-seattle-family-wedding-photographer034-seattle-family-wedding-photographer035-seattle-family-wedding-photographer036-seattle-family-wedding-photographer037-seattle-family-wedding-photographer038-seattle-family-wedding-photographer040-seattle-family-wedding-photographer041-seattle-family-wedding-photographer042-seattle-family-wedding-photographer043-seattle-family-wedding-photographer044-seattle-family-wedding-photographer045-seattle-family-wedding-photographer046-seattle-family-wedding-photographer047-seattle-family-wedding-photographer048-seattle-family-wedding-photographer049-seattle-family-wedding-photographer050-seattle-family-wedding-photographer051-seattle-family-wedding-photographer052-seattle-family-wedding-photographer053-seattle-family-wedding-photographer054-seattle-family-wedding-photographer055-seattle-family-wedding-photographer056-seattle-family-wedding-photographer057-seattle-family-wedding-photographer058-seattle-family-wedding-photographer059-seattle-family-wedding-photographer060-seattle-family-wedding-photographer061-seattle-family-wedding-photographer062-seattle-family-wedding-photographer063-seattle-family-wedding-photographerThis next year will be one of great changes, with Madeline graduating high school & going off to college… and with a little news that we haven’t fully shared yet, but that involves us moving into our van full time (!!!), and I guess just with our entire immediate future feeling like one giant unknown. So this last year, it felt like we were hunkering down & kind of enjoying the quiet “normal” life before everything changes. Last summer, I did the unthinkable & took almost three weeks off so that I could spend some much-needed time with my family (epic roadtrip post can be seen here!), and Madeline did the unthinkable by always wanting to hang out with us more often than not. I learned many things this year, but I think that the one thing I learned above all else, is what my own personal definition of “success” is… and without going into much detail, my definition of success has very little to do with the amount of money we earn or the amount of business I’ve gained. Although both of those are quite nice, I’ve finally learned–with the help of these amazing people in my life–that my success is defined by actively pursuing my dreams, staying focused on the ones I love, and working with people I admire.

With that said, this last year was filled with all of the above, and for that I am just overwhelmingly thankful. I was welcomed into many homes to document the growth of the families held within each, and I was invited wholeheartedly to celebrate the unions of some pretty dynamic couples… I did more hugging than you’d think my heart could bear, and more dancing than I thought my feet could ever handle. And yet I’m already looking forward to doing it all over again this coming year! I hope that this next year for you will be filled with growth, love, learning, and good times with good people… and I hope that maybe some, if not all of those things, we can do together! Happy New Year to you!

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  • December 30, 2014 - 8:12 pm

    Joan Teed - Simply beautiful…, beautiful year, beautiful life, beautiful photos. The love for what you do comes shining though. Thank you so much for sharing them with us and for sharing your life with us (warts and all) You have an extraordinary talent combined with an extraordinary ability to convey your thoughts, feelings, and emotions into words and tell your story. Love it all! Moving into your van takes an adventurous spirit and you most certainly have one. I wish you, Michael and Madeline the best, most adventurous, most prosperous year ever!!!! Much love to you, Catherine!ReplyCancel

  • December 31, 2014 - 4:34 am

    Jane - Simply gorgeous. You have a gift.ReplyCancel

  • January 2, 2015 - 1:50 pm

    Ali Foss - Catherine,
    I’m super excited for you guys!! I always love reading your posts and seeing your photos. You’ve got such great style :) looking forward to watching your year unfold too! love, AliReplyCancel

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