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caitlin & katie’s engagement photos // orcas island, washington

It’s always been a dream of mine to have someone just randomly walk up to me & ask that I photograph them… is that weird? And we all know how much I love photographing people on the ferry, so it was a real dream come true when this couple asked me to photograph them on the ferry while we were waiting in line to get on!

It wasn’t as random as you might think, I’ll admit. They were guests at a wedding that I had photographed the day before, and we all happened to be waiting in line together for the ferry ride home… and they said, “This is weird, but we’re getting married next year & we have no real photos of us together. Would you be interested in doing our engagement photos as soon as the ferry takes off?”

And I was like, um, YES!

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Anyway, aren’t they cute? And guess what?! They’re getting married tomorrow, and I get to be there to photograph them for that fun day too! Can’t wait.

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