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corrie & miguel’s wedding photos // harts pass, wa

“You’re ruling the way that I move
And I breathe your air…”


On one of our recent epic camping trips, we decided it would be fun to photograph our recently married friends, Corrie & Miguel. We were raging all through the low mountains towards Harts Pass, five vans deep, and inevitably found ourselves winding through areas where wild fires had raged before us, just months before. The sun was shining just right, our trusty van bounding up the hills at heights that took our breath away and with views that had Michael & I yelling out of our windows. The landscape was equal parts desolate and abundant… and maybe because I was very pregnant or maybe because we were very much in love, but we found our hearts filled to the brim with each mountaintop corner we rounded.

When we found the spot that was just right, I jumped out of the van and ran straight up to Corrie & Miguel’s van, and I yelled, “This is the spot!!!” To which Corrie said, “But all I see is death.” And I was like (!!!) “All you see is death?! All I see is life!” So with that they got ready for a very quick photo session, where the sun escaped quickly and the winds blew through low and wild… it was pure magic.

Thank you, Mother Earth. And for friends who trust my every whimsy, on top of mountains and in forests that breathe renewal & light into our lives.

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