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delaney in the city // san francisco, california

A few weeks ago we roadtripped for a quickie down to California… we stopped in Sacramento for Haakan to meet his great grandpa, we ventured down to Santa Barbara for Photo Field Trip where I worked as a teacher and also reunited with so many of my dearest friends, we took our sweet time up Hwy 1 on the California coast, and we swung by San Francisco for a quick day of touristing and for this photo session before heading back up the coast to go home.

Shooting with Delaney was super fun, because all I was hired to do was to sort of get a glimpse into her life in the big city, as requested by her parents. I thought that was really sweet, because I can only imagine how I’d feel if Mads moved away and we couldn’t see her every week! Delaney lives right downtown, so she showed me her neighborhood as we walked up and down just a gazillion hills and then eventually met up with her friends for beers. I loved how much she knew San Francisco already, and even though I find that city to be pretty daunting, she navigated through it with such confidence and intimacy… oh, to be young again!


Side note… I really pictured that I would take San Francisco by storm and take a whole bunch of amazing photos of the city during our time there (a la Jonathan Canlas and his thoughtful street photography), but alas I found that it was better to keep things simple while touristing with baby in tow, and I only ended up with that one street car shot! Jeez! But I took that right after we hopped off what was Haakan’s and my first trip on a trolley ever, and Michael & I were having a pretty good laugh because we almost found ourselves heading right back down the hill and away from our destination, which would have been kind of devastating so we were delighting in our quick luck. All in all, it was a wonderful day and I refuse to regret what I didn’t do.

Thanks to Delaney for showing me a good time! I’ll post more photos from our trip on my personal blog, so stay tuned! xo!

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