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fong family photos // vancouver, bc

Cute kids, cute parents, and a golden retriever too?! Yes please!

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Having a photographer hire me to do their family photos is a great honor, but when it’s a photographer whose work I deeply admire, then it’s an honor greater than I have words to properly express. Add on to that the fact that this family is one of my cuteness crushes on instagram, then it’s game on… my camera is happy and I get to get in some real time baby kisses & snuggles!

I am taking on less travel assignments this year as we transition into some major life changes, but I’m looking forward to photographing some families in love in LA in June, and then hitting the road in 2016 to photograph families all over this great country! In the meantime, however, I am happily at home here in Seattle, and would love to photograph yours… let’s make it happen! Email me for details:

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