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ken & lynn’s family photos // olympia, washington

still haven’t
figured out how
to sit across from you,
and not be madly in love
with everything you do.
-william c. hannan


This is Ken & Lynn, our next door neighbors. They are so wonderful, that among the many things we love about them, one is that they built a gate between our homes so that we could wander over for a visit in their floral wonderland of a yard anytime we please. Their yard is so beautiful that I consider it to be like art through our windows… every morning when Haakan wakes up, we open the window from his room that looks out towards their yard (lucky boy!), and he goes on and on in wonder about the amount of birds that love it there too. And not only are they so lovely, but they are fucking cool too. I say FUCKING COOL because Lynn would be all about that (she loves to cuss!)… they are our inspiration, because when they retired they lived in their RV and traveled the Americas for eight+ years, and now that they’re settled down in their little home in Olympia they stay up all night together and sleep in to their content, and then just hang around together all day. What a dream.

They are a joy to be around, and you can tell that they truly bring each other joy.

I wish this love and beauty on each and every one of you… and in the meantime, we count our lucky stars every day that we plopped down in this great big world right next to the nicest, funnest neighbors we could have ever dreamed of having!

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