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smith family photos // bellingham, washington

As you can probably assume from these photos, the landscape of this family’s home has changed quite a bit since I last visited them! I’ve felt so lucky to have facebook & instagram (for the most part) because I’m able to keep up with the lives of friends & clients alike… and this family is one that I’ve loved seeing grow since the littlest has made his appearance.

But for now, we’ll enjoy the memories of a home that once belonged to just one boy & his two loving moms.

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I love all the hand-holding that inevitably happens in family photos; I know all too well the pain when you realize that you’ve suddenly stopped holding hands, and I wish for them many more years of never feeling that loss. There’s nothing more comforting than to feel the security of your mother’s hand around yours, and I can only imagine how much love surges through his little body when he’s being held up by not one but two moms. So much love!

Family sessions are my jam! And summertime is the perfect time for them! To schedule yours (and I hope you do!), go ahead & send me an email at Weekends are filling up, but let’s take advantage of that late summer light, any day of the week!

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