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adrienne & kristen’s engagement photos // seattle, wa

When someone hires me to photograph them with the person (or people) that they love, I generally ask what it is that they love doing together. Sometimes it’s that they make breakfast together, or just hang out at their house together… and sometimes it’s more extravagant things like going to the beach or walking to the nearest ice-cream shop on the weekends. Whatever it is, I like to document it, because I feel like even the little things that we do with the ones we love are worth commemorating.

With Adrienne & Kristen, I also asked them the same question, and they said that they couldn’t really think of anything but that they did want to take photos that were very “Seattle,” since they both moved here from the East Coast and they wanted to share this new city that they love with their friends & family. I was like, okay, we’ll figure it out. So we met at their apartment on Queen Anne, and then decided to go for a walk from there. What ended up happening is that it turns out that they go on this walk through their neighborhood quite frequently, and love exploring all the quiet corners in this little pocket of Seattle. Naturally, we took lots of photos along the way… and naturally, I kind of poked fun at them because I’m like, “Hello! This is what you guys love doing together! Why didn’t you tell me?!!!” We had the best day, and I loved getting a peep into how they’ve made this city their own.


And guess what?!!! They’re getting married today, and I can’t wait for another best day with them!

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