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meyer family photos // seattle, wa

For those of you who know what a geek I am about NPR & KUOW… then you’ll know how happy I am to share this family shoot, of a family whose mom I met while volunteering at last year’s spring pledge drive! How perfect is that?! (i mean, for me, you know… it might necessarily mean that much to the rest of you!)

But I knew that I wanted to photograph this family because 1) they must be cool because mom loves NPR & KUOW as much as I do, right?! 2) they have two amazing girls who who are the perfect age for photographic playtime, 3) they live in my neighborhood (yay!)… and 4) dad is a music producer so I knew that busting out a bunch of old film cameras would be appreciated on an artistic level; which is very important to me.

So we spent a Sunday morning kind of lazing around their house & their yard… just a couple of hours where I was in their world, getting a feel for what they do together and what they love. At one point, the girls were insistent that mom make us all some hot chocolate… insistent! Even though it was around 70 degrees that day, it’s like I just had to try their mom’s incredible hot chocolate. I love how us moms are sometimes like magicians in our kids eyes… how something as simple as a pot of hot chocolate is so imaginative & magical & worth sharing with new friends.

Lazy Sundays are for family, friends, lazing around, and a little bit of hot chocolate goodness…

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And if you’re interested in a little more of the backstory on the day I spent with the Meyers, you can read it on this little feature on Let The Kids Dress Themselves blog… a fantastic blog (and one my favorites!) dedicated to the stories that photographers have to share.

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